21V Cordless Reciprocating Saw With 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 4X Saw Blades | CONENTOOL


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One Machine With Multiple Functions, High-Frequency Reciprocating Fast Cutting Saw Blade Running Back And Forth, Cutting Wood And Steel Efficiently

One machine for multiple uses

Large vents reduce heat during use and effectively protect the machine from being burned

Large Ventilation Vents

High-power brushless motor, strong load capacity, high efficiency, high power

High Power Brushless Motor

Illuminated LED lights make it easy to start with the motor as standard in dark environments

Illumination LED lights

Voltage 21V 1500MAH battery capacity

Voltage 21V 1500MAH battery capacity

Suitable for a variety of scenarios, can be used for cutting wood, PVC/PPC pipe cutting, cutting metal profiles, metal pipes, felling wood, stumps, bamboo, etc.

Suitable for multiple scenarios

Product Details

Efficient Cutting & Cordless Design】Conentool 21V Cordless Reciprocating Saw is equipped with a high-speed motor, our woodworking chainsaw pruning blade is battery-operated and cordless design, freeing you from annoying wires and space constraints. No more worries about inefficient saw power.

4 Types of Blades Cut Different Materials】Difficult to use and complicated to install? The Controlled Reciprocating Saw Kit comes with 4 wood and metal saws for all your cutting needs. 1pc 6TPI wood blade, 1pc 5TPI wood blade, 1pc 18TPI metal blade, 1pc 14TPI metal blade. Different blades allow you to easily cut tree branches, PVC pipes, fiberglass, thin steel, and more. No need for any tools, and freehand operation, allowing you to cut anytime, anywhere!

20V 2.0Ah Battery & Fast Charging】The compact reciprocating saw for wood and metal cutting is equipped with 2 pieces of high-capacity 20V 2.0Ah rechargeable batteries, which help to extend the working time, equipped with a power indicator light and a fast charger. When cutting branches outdoors, our heavy-duty cordless battery-operated handsaw is up to the job for long hours. No longer have to worry about battery problems affecting work efficiency!

Lightweight One-Handed Use】The brushless small electric reciprocating saw for branch cutting only weighs 3 lbs, lighter than traditional hand saws. The cordless reciprocating saw for wood and metal cutting offers a compact design that allows the powerful Sawzall to be used with just one hand for a variety of cutting conditions, including working at heights. The ergonomic non-slip handle of the metal saw can effectively reduce vibration and sweat slipping, making it safe to work for a long time.

Bright LED Lighting & Safety Design】You can't see the environment while working in the dark? The controlled reciprocating saw for tree cutting has built-in bright LED lights that illuminate the entire surface of the work area, improving your visibility in dark environments. This is especially useful for ensuring error-free and enhancing user security. This metal-cutting tool only moves when you turn on both the lock switch and the speed trigger. Light and switch design keeps you away from accidents!


Powerful motor: 21V battery provides 0 - 3500rpm/3800rpm no-load stroke

Tool-Free Blade Change: A lever-actuated blade change mechanism built into the tool allows you to change blades quickly and easily without using any additional tools.

GET 4 BLADE FOR FREE: Includes 4 premium quality blades so you can get to work right away. 1pc 6TPI wood blade, 1pc 5TPI wood blade, 1pc 18TPI metal blade, 1pc 14TPI metal blade

Variable Speed Trigger: No-load speed reaches 3500RPM, cutting different materials from wood, and PVC to metal. The deeper the trigger is depressed, the higher the speed of the saw. Includes variable speed trigger, lockout switch, and electric brake.

Ergonomic LED Work Light: Rubber handles and ergonomic design for comfortable operation. The LED lights automatically turn on when the saw starts and turn off when it stops.

Adjustable Length: There are 4 gears on the base plate of the handheld reciprocating saw, which can be adjusted to control the cutting position of the saw blade, improving performance and efficiency.

Quick Change Chuck: Turn counterclockwise to loosen the collet, allowing easy blade changes in seconds without using any extra tools.

2 x 2.0Ah Long-Life Batteries: No Cord, No Limits - 2 PCS High Capacity 20V 2.0Ah Rechargeable Batteries Help Extend Working Time, Equipped with Power Indicator and Fast Charger.

Package Included:

1 * Reciprocating saw
2 * 2.0Ah battery
4 * Blade
1 * Charger
1 * Box
1 * Manual