Money Welfare


Conentool Customer Welfare - Get Money Back



Thanks to every customer who supports and trusts CONENTOOL.
CONENTOOL has officially launched our own official website and social media to keep in close contact with you when you ask for help and provide consistently high-quality customer service.

In order to express our gratitude to all customers, we specially organized this permanent and effective event: Conentool Customer Welfare-Get Money Back.

Special Note: Join In Anytime, Money Back Anytime.


Simple "Money Back", You Can Get 15%-20% Money Back with Two Fingers

8% Money Back - Post some positive comments and pictures that related to the conentool on social media, then tag @conentool, and #moneyback

2% Money Back - Leave product Reviews on the official website, & with some pictures is better

5% Money Back - Follow and like CONENTOOL’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube official social media

6% Money Back - 3 months after completing the above ‘Money Back’, Like CONENTOOL again on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube; Then @Conentool Official Social Media, Tag #moneyback



What will CONENTOOL do? & Costomer Prepare!!!

We will contact the participants within 48 hours and check the relevant information。
Please prepare the following information:
1. The Order Number, and indicate where the product was purchased
2. Paypal Account that can receive money normally

Note: During the event, ESSGOO will handle it fairly and openly, and all participating customers 100% can get money back.

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