CT Points

📈 Accumulate ConenTool Points to Exchange for Gifts or Money 🛠️


What are ConenTool Points (or CT Point)?

Two hundred CT points are equal to 1 USD

Two thousand CT points are equal to 10 USD

When the CT points are greater than 2000 points, the points can be exchanged for gifts, vouchers, or cash directly.

  • CT gifts redeemed through CT points are generally free shipping
  • CT vouchers redeemed through CT points can only be used on the CT official website
  • A 10% settlement fee will be charged for cash exchanged through CT points


How can we accumulate these CT points?

1. Share posts on social platforms to get 100-150 CT points.
2. Publishing an article of more than 300 words on a blog or other article platform can get 200-250 CT points.
3. Publishing a video of more than 4 minutes on the video platform can get 200-250 CT points.

Note: In addition, after an article, post or video involving ConenTool exists for more than half a year, you can get another 200 CT points after interacting with the official social media of ConenTool.


Review submission and rules:

  1. The content posted by all participants must be positive, and there must not be too many other brands of products
  2. You can share your posts, articles or videos on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), YouTube, communities, blogs, forums, trading websites or other online spaces.
  3. If you share your post, article or video on social media, please don't forget to add the hashtag #ConenToolPoint and mark our official account to increase the chance of being reposted.
  4. After publishing, you also need to submit your post, article or video link for review. (Because some social platforms or websites cannot notify us in time. For specific reasons, check here)
  5. Please note that by approving the link you submit, you can get the corresponding CT points. (If the posted content is not positive and negative, it will not be approved.)
  6. Once you submit, ConenTool reserves the right to use, edit and republish the content you submit.
  7. High-quality posts, articles or videos. There will be a chance to be fixed on the homepage to get more views. If your comment is pinned to the top, you will not only get more interactions, but also an extra 100 CT points.
  8. The CT points for each participant are valid for one year and will be invalid after one year.
  9. Each of the above tasks can only be done once a month. Repeated tasks may not get CT points

Other rules

ConenTool reserves the right of final interpretation.
By participating, you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.


FAQs Of ConenTool Points

How can I check the number of CT points I have accumulated so far?
A. Inquire through the ‘Contact us’ email on the official website, and the verification is verified within 24 hours.
B. Through Facebook's ConenTool official homepage Message, 12 hours of core verification

Is my CT point accumulation fair?
ConenTool (or CT) is fair, and all information published on the official website conentool.com has legal effect and is subject to legal supervision.
In addition, each point accumulation or update is officially sent through email or Message; this information also has legal effect and is protected by law.