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Special Functions:


  1. ★ 21V Impact Wrench - 21 V maximum impact wrench driver, powered by a highly specific motor power source, powered by a rechargeable 6000 mAh battery. Composed of a durable aluminum head, good sealing effect, and rotating shaft made of tungsten steel.
  2. ★ 1/2" socket wrench with square driver and 5 socket wrenches - Loosen/tighten screws with 17mm, 19mm 2 x 22mm, and 24mm socket wrenches. No matter how tight the screw is, you can easily loosen it with this battery wrench.
  3. ★ 2-speed and 460 Nm torque - Shock screwdriver with a 2-speed setting, idle speed: 0-3000 rpm, thread diameter: 4-26 mm. The 21 V impact wrench has a huge torque of 460 Nm at up to 3000 rpm. It has high work efficiency and is widely used for fixing and loosening screws.
  4. ★ Ergonomic design and LED light - non-slip rubber handle, comfortable to hold and safe to use.
  5. ★ Comes with LED lights to help you see in dark places.
  6. ★ One-key auto-reverse function. The waterproof wrench case can be used in the rain.
  7. ★ Fast charging and convenient shipping - 6000mAh Akku.DE warehouse can provide fast and free, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  8. ★ Powerful impact wrench: ● Powerful torque of 460 Nm. Powerful torque easily loosens all nuts, bolts, or bolts on bikes, motorcycles, and engineering items (note: not for cars).



Product Details:


  1. [Impact Wrench] - 5 pieces impact wrench - 17mm, 19mm, 22mm, 22mm, 24mm square chuck for tightening screws and nuts.
  2. [Cordless screwdriver] -6.35 mm hex chuck for tightening the screwdriver bit;
  3. [Cordless Drill] - Can also be used for drilling holes if equipped with a 1/4" hex head.
  4. [Multipurpose Impact Wrench] - Used for machine repairs, renovations, construction projects, maintenance of equipment or parts.


Package Contents:


  1. Impact wrench*1
  2. Battery*1
  3. Adapter*1
  4. Sleeve*5
  5. Manual*1
  6. Plastic box*1
  7. Instruction manual*1
  8. Socket kit (17mm, 19mm, 22mm, 22mm, 24mm)*1
  9. Charger*1