20Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw Gas Chainsaw 52CC Oil Chainsaw | CONENTOOL


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Special Functions:


  1. ★ The large cutting width of 255mm to 450mm allows you to quickly cut large areas.
  2. ★"Bike Handle" or "Horn Handle" for greater comfort and precise control. The single-point adjuster is easy to adjust or fold flat for storage.
  3. ★The split shaft is convenient for transportation in the trunk of the car.
  4. ★Fully ergonomic double shoulder straps and multi-position attachment for an ideal balance.
  5. ★ Double shoulder straps ensure that you can use the machine for a long time without straining your back, shoulders, or arms. A straight, split shaft allows you to split the device in half for easy transport and storage. Soft-grip "Horn" style handle, adjustable and offset to center the cutting head on the user's body for optimal cutting position and clean, sweeping action when cutting long grass.



Product Details:

  1. Power Type: 2-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled
  2. Displacement: 52cc/58cc
  3. Rated power: 2.2kw/2.4kw
  4. Load rate: 8000rpm
  5. Mixing ratio: gasoline 25: oil 1
  6. Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
  7. Fuel tank capacity: 260ml
  8. Guide: 20 inches or 22 inch
  9. Chain: 0.325 inch


Package Contents:


  1.  Engine*1
  2. Handle (left, right)*2
  3. Baffle*1
  4. Metal blade*1
  5. Nylon head*1
  6. Mixed oil bottle*1
  7. Strap*1+
  8. Manual*1
  9. Tool kit*1