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CONENTOOL 21v electric cordless saber saw set


  1. [Efficient cutting]  CONENTOOL cordless reciprocating saw has a stroke of 7/8 inches, which can achieve more efficient cutting. The special brushless motor provides excellent efficiency and control, and the drive speed is up to 2800 SPM.
  2. [Cordless design] CONENTOOL's special battery power supply allows you to get rid of annoying wires and space restrictions.
  3. [Includes 4 blades and tool-free blade replacement] The CONENTOOL cordless reciprocating saw kit is equipped with 4 saws to meet any cutting needs. The tool-free blade replacement system allows you to easily switch between all blades to cut wood, tree branches, PVC pipe, fiberglass, thin steel, etc.
  4. [Safety design] The CONENTOOL reciprocating saw is equipped with two 20V 2.0Ah batteries that can be easily removed and recharged for a longer working time. The reciprocating saw has a double protection switch to prevent accidental opening.
  5. [Light and easy use] CONENTOOL reciprocating saws weigh only 2.8 pounds, which is 25% lighter than traditional reciprocating saws. Weight-saving design facilitates high-altitude operations and is suitable for a variety of cutting conditions. The ergonomic rubber handle reduces vibration and slippage and relieves fatigue caused by long working hours.
  6. [100% high-quality service] CONENTOOL is designed by real professionals. Our understanding and understanding of power tools are far better than that of our peers; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Model: 21V 1.5Ah | Two batteries and one charge
Rated output power: 1280 (w)
Power supply type: rechargeable-lithium battery technology
Charging voltage: 220V
Cutting depth in wood: 0-100 (mm).
Cutting depth in the pipe: 100 (mm)
Saw blade size/diameter 100 (mm)
No-load stroke: 0-3000 (spm)
Net weight: 2.8 (KG)
Scope of application: wood, pipe, steel
Standard accessories: saw blade, battery, and charger
Rated voltage: 21v





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