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Special Functions:


  1.  ★ Fast heating and adjustable temperature: The soldering kit heats up quickly and works efficiently. 60W, thermostat range from 200°C to 450°C, world technology guarantees a long service life and makes it suitable for all types of work. It adapts to different needs.
  2. ★ Fast heat dissipation, safe and durable]: The soldering device has four heat dissipation holes. The heat and moisture resistance of the fixed chip improves safety and stability. Four vents for faster cooling. Increased stability and heat resistance.
  3. ★ With On/Off Switch and Convenient Handle: This adjustable temperature soldering iron pen has an on/off switch, which can save energy and ensure safe work. So just turn it off when you don't need it. The adjustable chopper is designed with a soft grip for maximum comfort and less slip, more comfortable, non-slip, durable, comfortable, and safe.
  4.  ★ Multi-function digital multimeter]: It is convenient to measure DC, AC, resistance, diode, have transistor, continuity test, etc. Has a large LCD screen and backlight (battery not included).
  5.  ★ Tin Soldering Iron Kit]: Electric soldering iron kit with a digital multimeter, pencil holder, soldering pen with on/off switch, antistatic multimeter, soldering iron holder, etc. Ideal for electronic classroom work, equipment repairs, branding, computer/phone repairs, and more; a great gift for professional hobbyists or DIYers.


Product Details:


  1. Packing: PU leather bag
  2. Packaging size (CM): 33*20*6
  3. Net weight/gross weight (KG): 0.88/0.92
  4. Multimeter power supply: 9V battery
  5. Soldering iron working voltage: 220V
  6. Soldering iron power: 60W
  7. Soldering iron temperature range: 200-450℃
  8. Material:
  9. Soldering iron head material: pure copper
  10. Soldering iron stand material: steel
  11. Solder suction cup material: rubber, ABS, aluminum alloy
  12. Packing material: pu leather
  13. Multimeter features:
  14. DC voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V/600V
  15. AC voltage: 200V/600V
  16. DC current: 2mA/20mA/200mA/10A
  17. Resistance: 200Ω/ 2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ/2MΩ
  18. Transistor hFE test/hFE: yes
  19. Diode/Buzzer Continuity Test: Yes
  20. Low battery reminder: yes
  21. On and off buzzer: yes
  22. Maximum range: yes
  23. Over-range display: yes
  24. Full protection circuit: yes


Package Contents:


  1. 1*mini digital multimeter
  2. 1*Soldering iron pen
  3. 5*Soldering iron tip
  4. 1* Desoldering pump
  5. 1*Bracket
  6. 1*spring bracket
  7. 1*Sponge
  8. 1*Electronic wire
  9. 1*Solder wire
  10. 2*Tweezers
  11. 1*Screwdriver
  12. 1*Pliers
  13. 2* Nuts
  14. 1*Insulation tape
  15. 1*PU leather tote bag