21V Cordless Reciprocating Saw For Metal Wood PVC Pipe Tree | CONENTOOL


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Special Functions:


  1. [Efficient cutting] The CONENTOOL cordless reciprocating saw has a stroke of 7/8 inches, which can achieve more efficient cutting. The special brushless motor provides excellent efficiency and control, and the drive speed is up to 2800 SPM.
  2. [Cordless design] CONENTOOL's special battery power supply allows you to get rid of annoying wires and space restrictions.
  3. [Includes 4 blades and tool-free blade replacement] The CONENTOOL cordless reciprocating saw kit is equipped with 4 saws to meet any cutting needs. The tool-free blade replacement system allows you to easily switch between all blades to cut wood, tree branches, PVC pipe, fiberglass, thin steel, etc.
  4. [Safety design] CONENTOOL reciprocating saw is equipped with two 20V 2.0Ah removable rechargeable batteries, which can meet the needs of longer working hours. The double protection switch prevents accidental opening of the reciprocating saw.
  5. [Light and easy use] The CONENTOOL reciprocating saw weighs only 2.8 pounds, which is 25% lighter than the traditional reciprocating saw. The lightweight body is suitable for various cutting conditions and simplifies high-altitude operations. The ergonomic rubber non-slip handle effectively reduces vibration and slippage, and effectively relieves fatigue caused by long working hours.
  6. [100% high-quality service] CONENTOOL is designed by real professionals. Our knowledge and understanding of power tools far exceed those of our peers; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Product Details:


  1. Model: 21V 1.5Ah | Two batteries and one charge
  2. Rated output power: 1280 (w)
  3. Power supply type: rechargeable-lithium battery technology
  4. Charging voltage: 220V
  5. Cutting depth in wood: 0-100 (mm).
  6. Cutting depth in the pipe: 100 (mm)
  7. Saw blade size/diameter 100 (mm)
  8. No-load stroke: 0-3000 (spm)
  9. Net weight: 2.8 (KG)
  10. Scope of application: wood, pipe, steel
  11. Standard accessories: saw blade, battery, and charger
  12. Rated voltage: 21v