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Special Functions:


  1. ★4/8/12/16 line adjustable: suitable for different occasions to meet different engineering requirements.
  2. ★Automatic leveling alarm: ±3° automatic leveling system. When the automatic leveling range is exceeded, the laser level will blink continuously and emit a beeping sound;
  3. ★Wall stickers 360° No dead Angle: Both for tiled ceilings and with adjustable lifting platforms from 0.9 "to 3.4" for walls, floors, and ceilings. Easily project lines together or independently (cross lines, vertical lines, and horizontal 360 degrees) with one click;
  4. ★Remote control: equipped with remote control, save time and energy, more convenient and fast. It can make the construction site more accurate and more efficient. The remote control can be used within 20m, press H key to control the horizontal line, press V key to control the vertical line;
  5. Wide application: Horizontal/vertical lines can be selected separately or simultaneously, depending on the application in the field. You can switch by remote control or touch a button. An ideal choice for auxiliary tile fixing, wall decoration, floor tile fixing, stair handrail, etc.
  6. ★Slash function: Tilt the fuselage and hold down the brightness switch button until no alarm sound will be emitted to enable the slash function.
  7. ★It can be powered by a battery or directly plugged in.
  8. ★The machine is equipped with canvas bags, which are easy to carry and provide fast and convenient mobility and storage.

Product Details:


  1. Material: ABS plastic shell
  2. Laser type: 515nm green
  3. Laser class: Class 2 (<1mW)
  4. Laser beam: 16 lines 3D green light (360°x4), 4/8/12/16 lines adjustable
  5. Working distance: 20m ~ 30m
  6. Horizontal/Vertical Accuracy: ±2.2mm/10m
  7. Auto-leveling range: ±3°
  8. Battery: 2000mAh*2 (18650 lithium battery)
  9. Working time: 6~8 hours
  10. Wall distance: 7mm
  11. Operating temperature: -10°C~45°C
  12. Protection class: IP54
  13. Slash function: yes
  14. Working environment: indoor and outdoor

Package Contents:


  1. Upper wall bracket *1
  2. Mount bracket accessories *1
  3. Upper wall iron sheet *1
  4. Mast * 1
  5. The remote control * 1
  6. Description * 1
  7. The charger * 1
  8. Battery * 2
  9. Triangle trimmer base *1
  10. The host * 1
  11. Canvas bag * 1