Knowledge of Tools - Screwdrivers

Knowledge of Tools - Screwdrivers


The screwdriver is a special existence. It can be said that the invention of the screw and the screwdriver accelerated the process of the industrial revolution; while historians believe that the screwdriver was invented in the 15th century, but the real promoter was Philips. (It feels like someone who can call Philips is amazing.) And, in a certain issue of The Times, the screwdriver was rated as one of the most influential tools.

Today screwdrivers are one of the simplest and most ubiquitous of all tools. The structure of a screwdriver is actually very simple, just a rod (shaft) and a handle, but how much do you know about the technology and related knowledge inside? Small screwdrivers also have a lot of history!
Let me answer it for you (Who are you asking me? I'm CT Boy)

The shaft (rod) of the screwdriver is usually made of steel, which resists bending moments or torques; the tip part is hardened to resist wear; and some screws are colored at the tip, which acts as a Enhance vision, make it easier for users to align the screw hole, and the coating increases the friction force with the screw; (technological innovation is more reflected in the subtleties)

As a tool lover, the shaft (rod) of the Conentool screwdriver adopts a unique ratio to make the toughness better; the hardening treatment of the tip is combined with the 'forging process', so that the thinner part of the tip is not easy to collapse)

The handle of the screwdriver is usually made of wood, metal or plastic, and the surface and shape will be made of anti-slip technology to improve safety and grip. This is why most screwdriver handles on the market are plastic/soft rubber, because this type of process is more in line with the actual working environment.

In terms of ergonomics, Conentool's designers and developers have worked thousands of times on the soft rubber formulation of the grip (thermoplastic elastic process), striving to make the user safer and easier at all times. Because we know that a grip without friction is very dangerous.

To sum up, a good screwdriver should be able to fit most users' hands, minimize blisters and calluses, and relieve head strain, in addition to being able to screw the screws for a long time. (Conentool team will always work hard on this)


In addition to the need for a good experience in use, the screwdriver also has points that need attention when not in use and placement, that is, to prevent rolling and prevent falling. As shown in the figure below. According to research, tools with this and similar anti-roll designs can reduce physical strain by 30% and increase work efficiency by 7%. (Conenool's products will of course not let this detail go, we have done deep optimization)


A negative teaching material - Mijia screwdriver set

Here, as a tool enthusiast, I have to name Xiaomi's combination screwdriver combination. If you are an ordinary teenager, this screwdriver set is very beautiful, small and portable are their selling points, and the appearance is also very good; but as an insider, this product has a fatal flaw - the size of the handle is too small, The main body of the entire screwdriver completely abandons the real usage scene in pursuit of 'minimalism', over and over. Because the body is too small and has no anti-skid treatment, the user needs to use more force to hold the screwdriver. The overall length of the screwdriver is also relatively short, so that the ability to resist bending moment or torque is almost non-existent, and it is basically borne by the user.

If you happen to buy and use this wiha set from Xiaomi, you must know it. Because this set should be classified as a finishing screwdriver, or clock screwdriver. But it is not recommended for daily home use, because this is a good-looking 'accessory', not a useful tool set.
The small screwdriver in the picture below belongs to the finishing screwdriver, which is generally used for small objects, and is mostly used by professional personnel. Because most of the maintenance of small objects is difficult, such as watches, mobile phones and so on.

Let’s talk about it first today, let everyone know how to choose a suitable screwdriver; this small screwdriver also contains a lot of technical patents, and its history and influence are very long.
In the end, my CT Boy found some commonly used screws and screwdrivers, hoping to help you choose the right products.

There is still a lot of popular science knowledge about screwdrivers. This is the first section, and there are many more. It will be updated next week. . . . . .

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